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Picture Timeclock© 4.3.4 Site License


Product Description:

Our customers have asked for it, and it is now available! A networked version of the popular Picture Timeclock application. Share the time clock database across multiple computers. Have managers and payroll personnel monitor worker clock ins and clock outs from the convenience of their own computer. The functionality of a time clock, and the convenience of a multi user application shared across a company or organization network.

Version 4.3.4 is a significant upgrade to our popular time clock software in terms of performance, reliability and security. Please download the trial today. Now with PDF and Excel export capabilities, our popular time clock software gets better and better. Version 4.3.4 is compatible with versions 4.2.1 and above. Versions 4.1 and prior can be upgraded by emailing your database in .zip format to techsupport@workschedules.com for a complimentary upgrade.

Using our Picture Timeclock makes the process and recording of “punching” in and out painless for everyone. This unique software automatically sequences employee clocking In and Out. Managers can quickly edit time clock reports as well as preview and edit before printing. Based on the customer - friendly drop down menus, managers move from function to function using the mouse.

Our employee scheduling program can handle all your time tracking requirements trouble-free. We have provided built in security password applications to ensure that only authorized persons can alter the setup or change a record.

Want to ensure proper clocking In and Out? Our software enables you to attach a videocam and take pictures of your employees as they enter their time. You can choose to have the time of clocking in and out shown at the bottom of the photo too. Perhaps you have an employee who forgets to clock out. No problem. Picture Timeclock has a “Forced Clock Out” feature that is activated after a pre-set amount of time..

Advanced features enhance communications with employees while maintaining simple operation. Want to greet your employees with a morning message, provide an end of the day thought, or post an urgent reminder? You can do that with our On-screen keyboard.

We have even provided employers with the option of translating messages into another language should the need arise.

These amazing features personalize the administrative activity of tracking time and enable you to interface with your employees in new ways.

Just click below to get started and make clocking In and Out a breeze for you, your managers and your employees.

System Requirements:

  • Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 (Mac/iOS X users see here for options). Windows XP, Windows Server operating systems, and older operating systems may run the software successfully. Windows Server and older unsupported operating systems are unavailable for Guia International technical support without a technical support incident and are only supported on a reasonable efforts basis.
  • Internet connection (DSL or Broadband recommended)
  • Keyboard and Mouse
  • Available hard disk space of 500 MB or more
  • Monochrome or color printer for printing reports.

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