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Guia International History

Guia International is a privately held U.S. company established in 1989.  Our first product was a DOS based product called "Overlord" which was followed by "Treasurer's Delight".  Both these programs were used by apartment building managers and treasurers of Homeowners’ Associations to bill their members and communicate with them.

The last program of ours from the DOS era was People Scheduler. The program was targeted at the retail level. As version 2.00 was ready to be released, the internet became a new tool to distribute software. People Scheduler was re-written for Windows and became Employee Scheduling Assistant for Windows.

Scheduling Employees for Windows was added in 1994 for customers who wanted to keep track of labor costs without having to enter information on the keyboard, instead entering information by pointing and dragging the mouse to create employee schedules on a time chart.

In 2001 we added Picture Timeclock. This is a timekeeping program and meant to be complimentary to the scheduling applications.  In 2002, we added the Universal Resource Scheduler application.

Scheduling Employees for Windows (SEW) is the flagship employee scheduling program.  This program was substantially updated, first with version 4.0 and then version 4.5.  The latest versions incorporate a significant rewriting and reorganization of the program.   Email functionaliy and .NET reporting were added as well.

In June, 2016, Guia International was purchased by Lemington Consulting, a long time Microsoft Gold Certfied Partner, and international I.T. consulting firm.  Lemington brings its vast experience in designing and developing database software applications to Guia Intenational, and plans to rearchitect the existing applications to improve funtionality and introduce new products as well.

Today, Guia International sells software in 48 countries around the world, and our scheduling software has been adopted by many large, multinational companies.

Guia International hopes to continue to update SEW and also its other products with advanced functionality and best in class features.  Based on customer suggestions, we add features and make changes all the time. We encourage you to make suggestions for new functionality here.