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Universal Resource Scheduler© - Single License


Product Description:

This amazing Work Schedule software allows you to track and schedule resources whether your company handles conference rooms, technicians, doctors etc. Any resource and the users of those resources, can be scheduled with just the click of the mouse.

Our Universal Resource Scheduler makes managing these precious resources problem free when scheduling time. Our unique program makes the days of double scheduling or missing time reservations a thing of the past.

The Universal Resource Scheduler is three dimensional. Drop - down menus simplify the process of assigning technicians, conference rooms, doctors whatever the resource that must be managed. You can schedule resources within 15 minute increments.

Easily viewed reports can show a variety of information. For example:

  • the use of resources by dates
  • the use of resources by user and date
  • the use of resources between two dates
  • the use of a specific resource between two dates
  • the use of resource by a user between two dates

Reports and/or schedules can also be posted to your web page making it effortless for clients or technicians to view the schedule as well. People respond well to illustrations of time allotments. Our Scheduler makes visual representation of time uncomplicated and easy to read.

Universal Resource Scheduler can be password protected if necessary as well.

You will be amazed at how simple managing these crucial resources can be. Just click on the download and get started now and begin your free 30 day trial.

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