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Guia International Technical Support Incident


Product Description:

Guia International provides 60 days of free technical support with the purchase of a software application. Outside of this 60 days of free support, general questions will be answered at no cost to the customer. However, database corruption issues, database migrations, and other time intensive support issues require a Technical Support incident.

Guia International products are competitively priced and do not include technical support beyond basic setup and configuration. For technical support for Guia International products beyond basic setup and configuration you may be asked to purchased a technical support incident. Please contact us at techsupport@workschedules.com to determine if your issue requires a support incident. Again, general questions are always answered free of charge to the customer.

We have remote support software we can use to access your computer system and troubleshoot I.T. system issues and help fix various application issues. Our technicians can log into your computer if necessary and provide remote assistance to resolve your technical issue.

Cost is per tech support incidence. Once the issue is resolved, customer must pay for another tech support incidence if they encounter another issue, or the same issue again.

Technical support is provided on a reasonable efforts basis. Many technical issues including the setup and configuration of the computer are outside of Guia International's control and thus we cannot guarantee that any particular computer configuration will be compatible with our software. The customer is ultimately responsible for the configuration of their computer.

For users running older versions of the SEW application (versions 3.5 and earlier), it may be more cost effective to upgrade to the latest version and get the 60 days of free technical support that comes with the purchase. This 60 days of free technical support can be used to migrate older version databases to the newer SEW database format, for migrating from an older computer to a new computer, or other setup and configuration issue related to migrating to the newer version.

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